Learning Piano as an Adult – Why It’s Never Too Late!

Woman playing piano

Learning Piano as an Adult – Why It’s Never Too Late!

Have you thought about learning piano as an adult, but wondered whether you’re too old to begin lessons? Wonder no longer – it’s never too late for adult piano lessons.

Whether you took lessons as a child but haven’t played in years or you’ve never played an instrument, learning piano as an adult is different than learning as a child. And it has some wonderful benefits.

Adult learning – not harder, simply different

Do you remember life as a child? Everything was exciting and you were easily distracted. The younger the child, the shorter the attention span and focus, which can make learning the piano as a child a bit more challenging than learning piano as an adult. As an adult, you have focus and patience – two attributes that will make it easier to concentrate on lessons.

Adult minds are more developed than those of children, and as such, it can be easier for adults to grasp complicated concepts. Music theory, with all its rules of music, can be difficult for young children to understand but is much more logical for an adult. Adults also understand that to do anything well takes time and practice, so they can appreciate the importance of hard work and daily practice in their journey to become a better piano player.

As an adult, you amass a wealth of experience with emotions. Because of this, you’re more capable of understanding the true emotional expression of music. The loneliness in a blues song or the sadness of a love song can be played with more feeling and authentic emotion, as you draw upon a greater range of life experiences.

Adult piano lessons for the sheer joy of music

The reasons behind wanting to take piano lessons differ between children and adults. Children who take piano lessons often do so because their parent has signed them up for lessons. They sometimes see piano practice as a chore – something to do after their homework and before they can go out and play with their friends. Adults who take piano lessons are usually doing so because they want to play, and they have a strong desire to learn. They are playing for their own enjoyment, and by their own choice. This passion for learning will be a great motivator for practice.

The health benefits of learning to play piano as an adult

Did you know that learning piano as an adult also has many health benefits? It can stimulate the brain and reduce stress, leading to improved physical and emotional health. Practicing piano can help with memory and cognitive functions, too. Playing the piano has been shown to decrease depression, induce positive mood states, and improve the psychological and physical quality of life for the elderly.

Joint health is also positively impacted by learning to play the piano as an adult. Moving your elbows, hands and fingers across the keyboard can improve both circulation and flexibility. And exercising the fingers and hands may help those with arthritis and other joint issues, as long as they stick to simpler music and shorter practice sessions. Check out all the additional health benefits that playing an instrument has to offer on our blog post.

Time management may be the biggest hurdle

Like most adults, you have a lot going on in your life. Between work, family, kids’ soccer games, mealtime prep and more it’s easy for piano lessons to take a back seat to your busy life. But for those who have the dedication and drive to make time for music in their lives, learning piano as an adult can be a joyful and rewarding experience. Taking adult piano lessons can be a wonderful distraction from your hectic life if you can set aside time to enjoy it.

There’s no time like the present

Taking adult piano lessons can lead to a great sense of fulfillment. Whether you take piano lessons to relieve stress, improve your health, or just for the pure enjoyment of playing for family and friends, learning piano as an adult can be a rewarding experience. So why wait? Piano Forte Music School offers adult piano lessons so you can get started today. Contact us for more information.



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