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Benefits of Playing an Instrument

Why Learn Piano

Learning an instrument has many benefits

What would life be like without music? Music enriches our lives in so many ways from bring emotion to a movie scene, to entertaining us while stuck in traffic, to jogging a memory of a moment and place. But, did you know that learning an instrument is rewarding in many ways. Here are some of the main benefits of learning an instrument proving it’s never to early or too late to start

Memory and Intelligence

Makes you smarter

Recent discoveries have led scientists to believe that both listening to and playing a musical instrument makes you smarter because these activities actually release more BDNF, CREB, and synapsin I, all elements that strengthen mental capacities. So playing a musical instrument produces brain-building compounds and neural growth factors that are making you smarter, stronger, and better at doing activities throughout your day.
Management skills

Organizational and motivational

For beginning musicians, developing a quality practice routine can be challenging. They must set aside the time and mental space, and for the practice to be successful, they also need to set goals and manage tasks. Once they begin to see progress, they will be motivated to continue their practice. Understanding the value of self-motivation can be applied to other areas of life such as education, employment and personal transformation.
Life skills

Creativity and self-expression

It has often been stated that the smartest and most successful people are also the most creative. As musicians become proficient in their craft, a whole new level of creativity opens up to them. They may start to be more playful and experimental. Music can be a safe way to express emotions and communicate thoughts and feelings, which may lead to an elevated sense of inner peace and well-being.
All areas

And so much more

The list goes on and on and so here is a list of other areas learning an instrument enhances: Boosts confidence and leads to a sense of achievement, relieves stress and promotes a sense of well-being, cultivates social skills, friendships and teamwork, develops physical skills and hand/eye coordination, builds performance skills and helps with stage fright, improves math skills, improves reading and comprehension skills, improves listening skills.

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